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Does it have to be a whole house or a multi-room project for someone to hire you?
No, not at all. Some of my most interesting and enjoyable work has been on projects that are one room -- or one room at a time.

Are the items in your store the only items I have to choose from?
The merchandise in the store comes from many many tried and true sources that we at Laura Ramsey Interiors have put together to give a broad selection for anyone visiting the store. However, the range of merchandise available is much broader. We source furniture, rugs, lighting and virtually anything else in home furnishings from a global network.

How would you describe your design philosophy?
I believe that your space, whether its your home or your office, should be functional as well as comfortable and beautiful. It should also reflect you, so I ask questions, observe and work with you in order to create a space that you will be proud of and comfortable in.

What element in your design work has the most impact time after time?
I aim to provide a mixture of design and functionality that "works" for my clients. Often, it combines old and new items with an edited mix of styles that offers comfort as well as function and beauty.

What is the best way to update a room?
One of the best methods is to add or change your draperies. I often recommend simple panels, beautifully made out of a linen print fabric. Nothing sets the tone of a room better than custom draperies. "Dressing" windows in well- selected fabrics is the one element that both men and women agree changes a room for the better.

No home should be without ....
Comfortable sofas and chairs that are in scale with each other and the room they occupy. Your furniture should look good -- but it should also be comfortable and useful. I don't want to help design a "show" room -- I want to design a room that you will use and enjoy!